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The Job of the Academic Market

by Rebecca S. Wingo

Over three years, I dedicated 106.5 workdays to getting a job—while working another job. 


Prohibition Was a Failed Experiment in Moral Governance

by Annika Neklason

A repealed amendment and generations of Supreme Court rulings have left the constitutional regulation of private behavior in the past. Will it stay there?



History and the Opioid Crisis

by Jeremy Milloy

In the 1970s, just as now, people living with and recovering from substance use disorders faced prejudice and mistreatment at the hiring stage and in the workplace itself.




by Sasha Turner

What to the historian is 1619?



Boris Johnson Might Break Up the U.K. That’s a Good Thing.

by David Edgerton

It’s time to let the fantasy of the “British nation” die.



The problem with a year of celebrating the 19th Amendment

by Andrew Joseph Pegoda

Our entire understanding of the history of feminism is skewed.



Assassination as Cure: Disease Metaphors and Foreign Policy

by Sarah Swedberg

Kinzinger’s words fit within a long historical tradition of badly used disease metaphors that often accompany bad outcomes.



Another Disability Disaster in the Making

by Jonathan M. Stein

The Trump administration’s Social Security proposal would repeat one of Ronald Reagan’s most damaging mistakes.



How the President Became a Drone Operator

by Allegra Harpootlian

From Obama to Trump, the Escalation of Drone Warfare




What Australia’s Fires Should Teach the USA: Be Alarmist!

by Walter G. Moss

Most importantly in this 2020 election year, the Australian tragedy tells us we should vote out all the human-caused climate-change deniers and minimizers.

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